Long Jetty Vet Clinic


Long Jetty Vet Clinic offers pet care without compromise, tending to our four-legged friends when they are not well. We are a boutique practice run by highly qualified and friendly staff and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service.

We have a well-equipped Central Coast veterinary practice, which allows us to conduct routine consultations as well as general surgery and dermatology services. We administer veterinary medicine and general pet care advice. Long Jetty Vet Clinic also provides orthopaedic surgery and a range of pathology services.

Our veterinarian performs desexing and implants registered microchips for your pet. We can also vaccinate against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis in dogs, as well as enteritis and feline calici virus for your cats. We also conduct a range of dental services, including tartar and plaque removal.

Long Jetty Vet Clinic stocks a variety of foods, flea and tick treatments and worming tablets to ensure the health of your pet. We supply Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Sentinel and Feliway products. Our certified vet nurses can recommend the ideal food for your pet from the quality brands we stock, whether they need something with a higher fibre content or food designed to protect the teeth.

When you need pet care advice, routine check-ups or even in-depth surgery, call Long Jetty Vet Clinic. Our friendly and professional team will make sure that your pet receives the highest standard of care, no matter what their age or ailments.

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Senior Vet and Practice Owner
I'm John. I graduated from Sydney University with my Vet Degree in 1990. My First job was as a large animal vet in the Canadian Prairies where it was cold and flat. I then went onto work and travel in the UK where it was still cold but anything but flat! When I returned home I began working in mixed small and large practice here on the central coast but it wasn't long before I followed my now wife to work as a locum vet in a variety of practices in Melbourne. It was because of all the locum work and travelling I did that my skills as a small animal vet grew and I found out what it was that made vet clinics a great place to work and visit. When the opportunity came for Samantha and I to move back to the coast and close to family we jumped at the chance and I took over as owner at Long Jetty Vets, I love the clinic because our employees, clients and patients are all like family. My special interests include orthopedics, dermatology, general surgery and wildlife care. At home I have my beautiful family including my wife Samantha, son Hamish and our fur kids Basil the cat and Jesper our French Bulldog.


Senior Vet
Hi I am Ann I have been a practicing vet for over 25 years and still to this day love what I do. I have done a lot of Locum work over the years which has ensured i continue to learn and expand on my skills as a companion animals vet. My favourite part of the job would have to be working with geriatric patients and watching the way their characters develop, there is something so special about the loyalty and commitment pets and their families share. I also enjoy soft tissue surgery, dental work and cytology. At home I have an array of animals including my 3 dogs Bodger, Teddy and Mini, 4 cats Thelma, Birdie, Murphy and Pinky Pie and 3 chooks, Simone, Simone 2 and Flaps but I hope to one day move to property where I can open my home to many more.


Senior Vet Nurse and Practice Manager
Hi I'm Hayley. I have been with the team at Long Jetty since 2008. I am a fully qualified Veterinary nurse and have my additional qualifications in emergency nursing, canine and feline behaviour and companion pet nutrition. I absolutely adore all animals especially dogs and cats! I live in Blacksmiths with my husband and am the proud mum to my 9 dogs, 10 cats, 2 rabbits and 1 human son, we also try to do as much fostering and rescue work as I can.


Vet Nurse
I am Sarah I have been nursing at Long Jetty Veterinary Clinic since 2009. Friends and Family have always known me to be the "Animal Lover" and working with them was always a path I was destined to take, I could not imagine doing anything else. I love what I do and helping all sorts of furry friends. At home i have 1 cat who is my pride and joy named Donald.


Junior Veterinary Nurse
Hi my name is Josh. I am the newest junior nurse at Long Jetty Veterinary Clinic. At home I have 1 dog named Leea who is a bouncy and loveable Bulldog x Cattle Dog. Animals have always been my passion and so i aspire to help all the animals that I can.